Global survey: "Earth's climate has reached a critical point", people in developing countries are more ready to protect earth

Source: Global Times

[Global Times Comprehensive Report] According to a global survey, three-quarters of G20 respondents believe that human activities are pushing Earth's climate towards a harsh and irreversible "tipping point".

According to Agence France-Presse report of 17th, survey shows that more than half (58%) of respondents in G20 countries are very or very concerned about current state of Earth, and more than 4/5 (83%) hope to protect earth, do more . The survey also found that people in developing countries are more willing to contribute to protecting nature and climate than people in wealthier countries. 95% of respondents in Indonesia and 94% in South Africa said they were ready to do more for planet, compared to 74% in US and 70% in Germany.

Scientists are increasingly worried that nature will strike back as carbon emissions do not slow down. A previous climate report published by United Nations shows that by about 2030, Earth's temperature will be 1.5°C warmer than before industrialization, a full 10 years earlier than climate forecast three years ago.

Owen Gaffney, who wrote report, said: "These results remind G20 leaders of need to act faster and implement more effective policies to protect and restore our global commons" (He Shang)