Take care of "green lungs" of earth and take care of green house

Forests are lungs of Earth and play a very important role in its ecosystem. However, between 2000 and 2010, approximately 13 million hectares of forest were annually converted to other uses or disappeared due to natural causes. The forest cover decreases every year, balance of ecosystem is disturbed, lungs of earth are in danger. We urgently need to protect forest and protect greenery.

A good ecological environment is basis of human survival and socio-economic development. Economic development cannot be carried out at expense of environment. At two sessions this year, representatives and members of committees also gave advice and suggestions on ecology and environmental protection.

Deng Sanglong, member of National People's Congress and director of Hunan Provincial Forestry Department, said about role of forests in environment, "Good air creates forests, and bad air prevents forests." This proposal vividly expresses role of forests in improving air quality. For implementation of Blue Sky Project, building a healthy China, improving environment and improving quality of life of people, forests will play an important and indispensable role.

After decades of uninterrupted afforestation, as of end of 2016, forest cover in Hunan province has grown to 59.64%, well above national average of 21.66% and global figure of 31.8%. Hunan has also moved from focusing on improving forest cover in past to striving to improve quality of forests based on stable forest cover.

In order to protect green lungs of Earth, it is very important to strengthen education in field of environmental protection, and education is a process of improvement and a long-term process that requires us to persevere, especially starting with children. Not only inform them about importance of protecting environment, but also teach them about what is green and what is environmental protection. Nowadays, environmental protection is carried out not only in schools, but also in classrooms and families. Families and communities are also very important for education of children, and everyone must work together.

Recently, under guidance of their teachers, children of Beijing Kowloon Kindergarten held activities to plant gratitude to nature and spread greenery. "A few trees allow us to breathe fresh oxygen, which is good for our health." Looking at smiling faces of environmental angels at landing site, reporter also became infected from them.

Beijing kindergarten teacher Jiulong Zhou told a reporter, "By planting plants, children can realize importance of green land for life and let them know that protecting environment should start with themselves."

State investments alone are far from enough to preserve greenery of Earth. At present, more and more social organizations and enterprises are also actively involved in this work, contributing to affairsabout environmental protection.

Chen Jining once remarked, “We should guide and support NGOs to participate in environmental protection work in a healthy and orderly manner, and strengthen communication with public environmental protection organizations. Support social welfare organizations in carrying out appropriate environmental protection activities. "

The HKND Group is just such an environmental organization that has made a commitment to "go outside" for environment. Peng Guowei, group's executive vice president, told reporters in an interview, "Protecting environment is not just responsibility of government or a certain company. Everyone should take on this responsibility. In order to jointly build and protect beautiful homeland we live in, we have launched a series of educational projects on afforestation in schools. Children are hope of future, and we hope that through these activities, they can learn and realize importance of protecting forests and gradually take responsibility for protecting environment. I believe that with our By working together, world will be greener, country will be more prosperous, and people's lives will be happier.”

Reporter Bo Wei