To protect earth we acted

Every June 5 is World Environment Day. Green and low-carbon life, environmental protection is eternal goal, environmental protection. Changsha Aviation Industry Institute was in action.

Xiangtan Hutan RiverReconstruction of water management and purification of black and odorous water

To protect earth we acted

The project is designed for river basin management, such as Hutan river embankment construction, water treatment design, pipeline network design, landscape design and environmental management. Sky".

Sri Lanka AOFSurface Treatment Capacity Building Project

To protect earth we acted

The project is located at Palawi Air Force Base in Sri Lanka, with a building area of ​​2500 square meters, including six above ground production lines, four-way wastewater treatment equipment, class C water treatment equipment, compressed air system units and wastewater treatment basins, etc.

Construction Project of Central South Industrial Park for Surface Treatment

To protect earth we acted

The total construction investment of project is 790 million yuan. It provides support for electroplating process for sedentary enterprises in Miluo City Circular Economy Industrial Park, and also takes into account surface treatment support services in nearby markets of Yueyang City. Wastewater treatment capacity is 5500 tons per day.

Hongdu Aviation IndustrySewage Treatment Project

To protect earth we acted

The sewage treatment uses coagulation precipitation + ion exchange process, automatic centralized control technology, and treatment capacity of online sewage recycling system is 85 cubic meters per hour.

From Changsha Airport to LingkongSewage Treatment Project

To protect earth we acted

The project is located on east side of Airport Avenue in Linkong City Economic Zone of Changsha City. The unmanaged domestic wastewater discharged into collection area is directed to Linkong Wastewater Treatment Plant. The total drainage service area is about 82 hectares. The estimated flow rate of project's pumping station is 10,000 cubic meters per day, and length of backbone pipeline network is about 3.5 kilometers.

Hunan Leopard Automotive Wastewater Treatment PlantWastewater PhosphatingTreatmentProcurement and Installation Project To protect earth we acted

The processing capacity of first phase is designed for 20 cubic meters per hour, and second phase is designed for 10 cubic meters per hour. After treatment, requirement of zero discharge is met and quality of recycled water meets class A water quality standard in Table 1 in "Water Quality Specification for Process Water for Metallization and Chemical Coating".

YOFCWastewater Treatment Project

To protect earth we acted

Waste water treatment uses an ion exchange process, and capacity of waste water recirculation system is 63 cubic meters per hour. The reusable wastewater generated by each production line is filtered and reused, and disposable wastewater is sent directly to wastewater treatment plant for treatment. The replenishment is automatically controlled by computer control system depending on liquid level in bath.

Nanjing Xiangyang Electromechanical FactorySewage Rehabilitation Project

As part of project, classification and collection of industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater and initial rainwater on territory of plant, as well as construction of treatment facilities for their purification and discharge to norm, are being carried out.

Hangshaping and surrounding areas of Baoshan MineHeavy Metal Pollution Control Project

To protect earth we acted

The project safely processes 20 million tons of zinc waste rock tailings around Baoshan mining area and 829,000 tons of zinc tailings in Huangshaping.

Yonghe City, Liuyang CityComprehensive clean-up of heavy metal residue pollution

To protect earth we acted

The project is safely recycling historically discarded remains of a phosphate plant in Hunan province. The processing area of ​​the landfill is about 44,000 square meters.

Zhuzhou Nanjiao Garbage DumpLeachate Reconstruction Project

To protect earth we acted

The project uses coagulation precipitation + UBF + A/O + MBR + NF + RO two-stage process, and daily filtrate purification capacity is 300 cubic meters.

Jingzhou County Waste RecyclingRecycling Construction Project

This project is related to construction waste generated in Jingzhou City. The total land area is about 150 mu.