Make everything green to protect earth

Make everything green to protect earth

A little reporter watches birds through binoculars. Photo by Qiu Weirong, all-media reporter from Guangzhou Daily, and photo by trainee Li Yihui.

Guangzhou Daily News (all-media reporter Li Xin, Teng Huiqi, intern Guo Xiaojing) A few days ago, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, special training camp for junior reporters Guangzhou Daily, and Guangzhou Haizhu National Wetland Park jointly launched research activity "Secrets of Species - Entrance to Haizhu Wetland." Young reporters meet spring here, explore world of animals and plants, appreciate beauty of nature.

A spring breeze blew, sky is clear. 30 young journalists gathered at Haizhu National Wetland Park in Guangzhou and began research activities amid laughter. Flowers explain language, birds sing by themselves. After walking along a quiet path and a stone bridge, young reporters approached scene of this event. Here, instructor "Fat Man Niu" taught everyone skills of birdwatching and use of binoculars in humorous language. Hearing this, young reporters were eager to try and rushed forward to watch birds through binoculars. During observation process, young reporters focused on distinguishing sound of a bird, distinguishing color of a feather, and determining type of bird. After observing, they excitedly sat down and shared birds they had observed. The young reporters got close to nature, made friends with birds and understood importance of caring for birds and protecting environment.

The lake is shining, trees are blooming. Walking along green and flowery paths, Fat Cow teacher colorfully introduced unique plants in Haizhu Wetland Park to young reporters. "Jackfruit trees that can absorb more nutrients by cutting through a few more knives, kapok flakes flying all over sky to scatter seeds, golden scented willows that can be made into perfume, etc." The young reporters were fascinated by what they heard and enthusiastically collected all kinds of plants along way, which fell in bottles in park, intending to carry scent of spring with them. Immersed in study of secrets of plants, young reporters deeply realized how to live in harmony with nature, and established concept of protecting natural ecological civilization.

At end of event, a special training camp for junior reporters Guangzhou Daily awarded certificates of honor and prizes to each junior reporter and took a group photo to keep good memories in our hearts forever.

On occasion of this year's Earth Day, Guangzhou Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, Guangzhou Daily Special Training Camp for Junior Reporters, and Guangzhou Haizhu National Wetland Park jointly launched a series of environmental protection promotional activities, including a "conserving natural resources and promoting green development" theme painting event, andas well as offline research activity "Learning Secrets of Species - Entrance to Haizhu Wetlands". Through this thematic activity, students learned about diversity of species, deepened their understanding of importance of protecting environment and caring for Earth, and implemented concept of protecting environment in their future lives.