The China Environmental Protection Fund, together with a number of public organizations, institutions and enterprises, launched "Greening and Protecting Earth" initiative.

In order to fully mobilize and support all sections of society to participate in common actions to green and protect Earth, Xie Zhenhua, China's Special Envoy for Climate Change, attended 2022 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Respond positively and support and contribute to protection of global biodiversity and joint response to climate change On occasion of Environment Day on June 5, 2022, more than 30 organizations, including China Environmental Protection Fund and Global Environment Institute (GEI) China public organizations, institutions and enterprises that have paid attention to and invested in environmental protection for a long time, launched initiative "Support Greening and Protecting Earth and Help China Contribute to Global Environmental Management", calling on environmental public organizations to actively play a bridging role and mobilize all sectors of society to participate in greening and protecting Earth Action; vigorously mobilize all sectors of society, especially enterprises and environmental think tanks, to increase investment in nature and actively promote innovation in low-carbon development and green transformation; strengthening public education on climate change and biodiversity protection, and promoting environmental protection in China Story; multilateral cooperation, continuous improvement of level of scientific tree planting and landscaping, and joint protection of home on Earth. .

The full text of joint proposal is attached:

Support greening and protect earth, help China contribute to global environmental management

Some public organizations, institutions and enterprises in China

Joint Initiative

China's Special Envoy for Climate Change Xie Zhenhua attended World Economic Forum 2022 Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and announced during Stakeholder Dialogue on "Protecting Our Planet and Humanity" that China will actively respond to “Plant a Trillion Trees Global Leadership Initiative to plant 70 billion trees within 10 years, green our planet, address climate change, biodiversity loss and increase carbon sinks in forests. Subsequently, State Forestry and Grassland Administration held a press conference to explain this goal in detail.

In 17 years from 2000 to 2017, about a quarter of world's new green space came from China. Based on fact that Chinese government has made a statement of aiming to plant 70 billion trees in 10 years, which reflects China's efforts to protect land and strong determination and confidence in implementation of green and sustainable development. Like a Chinesea public organization, institution and enterprise that has long cared about and invested in environmental protection, we fully agree with this and are ready to mobilize and support all sectors of society to participate in common greening and environmental protection activities. protect Earth, and promote protection of global biodiversity and joint response to climate change. To this end, we have taken following initiatives:

1. Respond and support this important commitment of Chinese government to combat climate change and protect biodiversity, building on past work and nature-based solutions.

The United Nations Environment Program recently released a new report, Frontiers 2022: Noise, Blazes and Mismatches, which warns that rate of climate change is so fast that many dynamics Adaptation of plant species has had a profound impact on species viability and food production. "Natural Solutions" is not only core content of leader's initiative, but also one of nine pillars of action by United Nations to combat climate change. This is part of construction and implementation in my country of a two-carbon system”1. +N”, and this is an indispensable content, synergistic with protection of biodiversity and implementation of sustainable development. We welcome and support Chinese government to continue to step up efforts to green and protect Earth, further promote NbS integration, protect and restore China's biodiversity, enhance ecosystem service functions, and strive to realize China's independent climate change commitments.

2. Actively play role of public organizations as a link and mobilize all sections of society to participate in greening and protecting Earth.

Civil organizations, especially environmental civil society organizations, are important actors in China's ecology and environmental protection, as well as bridges and catalysts to promote multi-stakeholder participation in environmental protection and building innovation. At first stage of fifteenth meeting of Conference of Parties to United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP15) held in Kunming last year, Chinese environmental and social organizations led organization of "Parallel NGO Forum" and published an initiative: By 2030, a pledge to collect 2, 55 billion yuan to help country to effectively protect and manage 100,000 square kilometers of land caused great repercussions from international community. These commitments will mobilize social resources for practical actions such as protecting species and habitats, building ecological corridors, restoring degraded ecosystems, building capacity and publice education in a wider area that will directly or indirectly contribute to conservation of biodiversity. for synergy between conservation and climate change. We are ready to continue to carry out policy research and implement greening of China to protect Earth, create a platform for stakeholder participation in environmental protection and climate change response, and actively encourage all parties to invest funds, technology and other resources for this purpose. and take an active part in global environmental governance.

3. Vigorously mobilize all sectors of society, especially enterprises and think tanks, to increase investment in nature and actively promote innovation in low-carbon development and green transformation.

All kinds of businesses and financial institutions throughout society are main element of social and economic activity. We are ready to mobilize and help various public enterprises and private sector to increase investment in nature, participate in environmental restoration, carry out low-carbon development planning, implement innovative green technologies, and realize cleaner production through scientific research, policy advice and provision of tools and professional technology and transformation business, as well as development of an ecological economy associated with conservation of biodiversity, including a green economy associated with planting trees and conserving forests. After reform and opening up, various farms have jointly participated in related environmental protection work, and various scale afforestation and natural ecology restoration activities have been carried out throughout country and have greatly improved. We will encourage and mobilize more enterprises and financial institutions to invest in innovative actions related to greening of China's low-carbon green development.

4. Strengthen public awareness and education on climate change and biodiversity protection, and tell story of Chinese environmental protection.

Using opportunity of CBD COP15 held in China, combined with implementation of greening and earth protection commitments, conduct public participation activities for biodiversity protection and climate change response, collect global classics, guide public in practice. and mobilize volunteer services, etc.; And use various media to carry out broad science promotion and knowledge dissemination, increase awareness and ability of entire population in field of biodiversity protection, low-carbon green life, combat climate change and application of natural solutions, encourage public support and participation in scientific tree planting and landscaping etc. Natural environmental protection and activityrebuilding capacity, widespread Chinese non-governmental action at home and abroad, and story of Chinese people's environmental protection.

5. Cooperate with multiple parties to continuously improve level of scientific tree planting and landscaping, and jointly protect earth.

Afforestation and landscaping of homeland in my country have been going on for decades, rich experience has been accumulated. The country has also adopted and implemented “Master Plan for Protection and Restoration of National Ecosystems” (2021). -2035)" A number of natural environmental protection and restoration plans require adherence to principles of "respect for nature, conformity with nature, priority of protection and priority of natural restoration" for environmental protection and restoration activities. We are ready to cooperate with relevant departments and local governments to jointly promote tree planting and landscaping work in accordance with laws of nature, scientific planning and evaluation, selection of suitable land for landscaping and sites for restoration, forests when trees are suitable, grass when grass is suitable, irrigation when irrigation is appropriate, if it is wet , it will be wet, if it is barren, it will be barren, prevent universality and simplification, prevent unreasonable artificial competition between different ecosystems for protection and restoration, and carry out reasonable restoration according to local climate and zonal vegetation conditions, so as to avoid unreasonable damage to native vegetation during tree planting and other natural environments, causing new damage to biodiversity; using native tree species, avoiding single pure forest plantations as much as possible; preventing introduction of alien invasive species; It is recommended to appoint specialized agencies or departments to scientifically monitor and evaluate progress and benefits of tree planting plans and supervision, and make reasonable adjustments to tree planting plan based on evaluation results.

Joint Initiative Group

Public Organizations and Institutions: China Environmental Protection Foundation, Beijing Institute for Sustainable Global Environment Chaoyang District, China Federation of Environmental Protection, China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, China Association for Environmental Research and Promotion Civilizations, EcosystemCenter for Cooperation and Exchange of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China Society for Environmental Sciences, Shenzhen Taohuayuan Environmental Protection Fund, Beijing Haidian Shanshui Conservation Center, Vanke Charitable Foundation, Inner Mongolia Lao Niu Charitable Foundation, Tencent Charitable Foundation, Ant Association of Charitable Foundations, Alibaba Public Charitable Foundation, China International Cooperation Promotion AssociationTsinghua University Institute of Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Tsinghua University Education Foundation, Western China Talent Development Foundation, Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation, Huatai Public Welfare Foundation, Didi Public Welfare Foundation, Beijing Environmental Science Research Institute and Technology Fuqun

Industrial and commercial enterprises: Meituan Waimai, Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia, L'Oreal (China) Co., Ltd., Procter & Gamble (China) Co. ., Ltd., CIFI Group Co., Ltd., GAC Toyota Automobile Co., Ltd., AstraZeneca China, Unilever Qinyuan water treatment brand and Blueair air purifier brand, China Energy Conservation Zhongzi Huarui Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shundian Industrial Co.,Ltd

June 2, 2022

Source: Guangming Network