Earth Day: Taking care of Earth through environmental campaigns in Taiwan

Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, April 22 (Reporters Shi Longhong, Chen Jianxing) Reducing plastic, cleaning up beaches, cleaning up mountains, planting trees... On April 22, World Earth Day, various environmental protection activities are held in Taiwan environment. People are taking practical actions to protect earth and raise awareness of environmental protection.

Taiwan environmental groups held a press conference on same day, inviting all segments of Taiwan's people to jointly organize various environmental protection actions in response to theme of "Stop Plastic Pollution" this year.

According to data released at a press conference, 91% of plastic does not enter recycling system, almost 2 million disposable plastic bags are shipped every minute around world, and 8 million tons of plastic waste enters ocean every minute. year. Statistics from Taiwan Department of Environmental Protection show that Taiwan uses up to 3 billion plastic straws and 16.5 billion plastic bags per year, with an average of 710 per person per year.

Taiwan Environmental Protection Department encourages public to change their living habits and create a favorable environment for society, such as renting instead of buying or replacing plastic bags and paper bags to reduce use of plastic bags and disposable tableware. hoped that use of plastic bags per person per year would decrease from 700 to 400, and to 100 by 2025.

The reporter saw in various supermarkets in Taipei that vendors are no longer selling all kinds of plastic shopping bags, but are instead releasing "dual-use eco-friendly bags" that perform both shopping and special waste storage functions. Get two features, save money and be environmentally friendly.

Taiwan is surrounded by sea, and protecting marine environment is of particular importance. In many places, beach cleanups are held on Earth Day. Yunjiang Coastal Scenic Area invited nearby primary schools and environmental protection associations in Budai Township, Chiayi County to carry out beach clean-up work. Schoolchildren and citizens who participated in action took out about 3 tons of garbage and about 500 kilograms of recyclables.

The Taoyuan City Government held a "Spring Beach and Sea Cleaning" event at Xu Chu Kang Wetland and Dayuan Zhuwei Fishing Port. Thousands of people removed 3,400 kg of coastal litter, 630 kg of marine litter and collected 600 kg of recyclables. Taiwanese company Cathay Financial Holdings also organized more than 6,000 employees and their families to carry out beach cleanup activities at 22 locations.

China Taiwan National Petroleum Corporation introduced a new form of environmental protection and held a seedling charity campaign. At 100 gas stations throughout Taiwan, people can exchange usedbatteries or bills for seedlings, and it is estimated that 20,000 plants will be distributed. Many people purposely got up early to line up to exchange for seedlings, actively responding to environmental protection and loving earthly affairs.

In conjunction with Earth Day, Taiwan Tzu Chi Foundation volunteers from all over world carried out activities such as street sweeping, mountain and beach cleaning, and invited public to participate. According to foundation, theme of this year's event is "Great love with love, lead way and protect earth," and Zi Chi volunteers will personally contribute to raising public awareness of environmental protection.

Protecting Earth starts with children. The Illustrated Book Library of Doulu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan holds book exhibitions and activities for parents and children, selects books related to environmental protection and life, and promotes concept of environmental protection and love for earth. Numerous parents took their children by hand to roam sea of ​​books, listened to picture book stories told by contemporary storytellers, and learned to protect environment and earth from scent of books.

In order to encourage public to care about Earth's ecology, industry companies in Taiwan have specifically decided to screen documentary "Earth: An Amazing Day" on Earth Day. Produced by BBC Earth Films, film tells story of birth and growth of all kinds of creatures on earth as day and night change, sun rises and moon sets.

The Chinese newspaper China Times, published on 22nd, released a special edition of Earth Day, which highlights low-carbon environmental protection measures and many activities to promote environmental protection concepts started by Taipei, New Taipei, Yunlin, Nantou, Miaoli and other places. The environment is embedded in people's lives. Director of New Taipei City Environmental Protection Bureau Liu Heran said, “Environmental protection and education are doing things for future. Don't ignore every little thing you are doing right now. In 20 years, they will grow and prosper, and define new face of Taiwan in the future." (End)