World Earth Day: Together we take care of our "Earth Home"

World Earth Day: Together we take care of our "Earth Home"

□Huang Kaituan

April 22, 2023 is 54th Earth Day. The theme of this year's Earth Day is "Earth for all living beings". With global warming and more and more extreme weather, question of how best to protect Earth is relevant and concerns every life. This year, our country will continue to use promotional theme of "caring for earth, harmonious coexistence of man and nature", guide whole society to create concept of ecological civilization "respect nature, conform to nature, protect nature", promoting construction of beautiful China and joint construction of harmonious coexistence man and nature.Earth house.

Earth is only home in which people live, supporting their work, life and health. However, a number of figures warn of severity of environmental problems: according to Sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO) Assessment Report published by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), more than 1 million species worldwide are threatened with extinction, and biodiversity is being lost in more than a thousand times faster than in last 100,000 years, in addition, extreme heat, droughts and devastating floods in 2022 have affected millions of people around world and caused billions of dollars in damage... We rely on Earth, our homeland, is facing many unprecedented environmental threats. Each of us enjoys gift of earth, and each of us must act accordingly to preserve "earthly home" for benefit of all generations.

When ecology flourishes, civilization flourishes, and when ecology declines, civilization declines. Environmental protection and restoration is a systemic project, it is necessary to coordinate integrated protection and restoration of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and meadows, to strive to increase ability of ecosystem to self-recovery. While participating in capital's 2023 voluntary tree planting activities, General Secretary Xi Jinping noted, “The scale of artificial afforestation in my country is largest in world, and it is still ongoing. Greening earth and improving global climate change, China has made great contributions, and Chinese people have made great contributions", and emphasize: "Let's take active steps from planting trees, planting green waters, green mountains, golden mountains and silver mountains that belong everyone and paint an updated picture of beautiful China." Chinese wisdom, Chinese plans and Chinese Treasure of Earth activities are constantly giving new momentum to global conspiracy to build an ecological civilization, promote green recovery and sustainable development of mankind.

To jointly protect our "earthly home", everyone in world must act together. The earth gives birth to all creatures and is a common home on which survival of people depends. "Protect earth" is common cause of all mankind. To build a homeland on earthIn a world where man and nature coexist harmoniously, it is required that all countries of world help each other and work together. As General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, "We must protect environment as we protect our eyes, treat environment as we treat life, lay foundation of ecological civilization, and walk path of green development together." climate change and marine pollution, biological protection and other global environmental issues, global action, global response and global cooperation is only choice for humanity. All countries of world will jointly participate in global environmental management and vigorously create a new fashion of global green and low-carbon life. The efforts of each country and each person will surely merge into a powerful joint force to "cherish earth" in new era.