[World Earth Day] Protect the earth, let's act together!

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Earth Day

4 22

Earth Day

April 22 of each year

This is a worldwide environmental effort

Resolution of 63rd UN General Assembly 2009

Designate April 22 annually as "Earth Day"

This year is 54th Earth Day

Global theme

"Earth for all"

China Theme

"Take care of earth, man and nature live in harmony"

Earth Day

[World Earth Day] Protect the earth, let's act together!
[World Earth Day] Protect the earth, let's act together!

Where we live

We are facing a serious environmental crisis

Air pollution, water pollution, garbage disposal

Desertification, sandstorms, soil erosion and other problems

He is destroying our homeland

Defend Earth, Protect Motherland

Each of us

An irresistible responsibility and mission!

[World Earth Day] Protect the earth, let's act together!
[World Earth Day] Protect the earth, let's act together!
[World Earth Day] Protect the earth, let's act together!

What can we do to protect Earth?

01Participation in waste sorting, maintenance of green houses

Precisely dispose of your daily garbage as required, recycle useful materials, turn waste into treasures, and make city environment greener and more livable.

02Green and low-carbon travel reduces air pollution

Priority is given to walking, cycling or public transport, and greater use of public transport. Family cars are preferred over vehicles with new energy sources or energy-saving vehicles.

03Save energy, turn off lights when people leave

Turn off unnecessary lights and other energy-intensive equipment in time, and turn on one less light to save one kilowatt-hour of electricity.

04Save water and reduce waste

Save water, save water, save water, turn off tap in time, use same water for different purposes and recycle it.

05Protect biodiversity and maintain ecological balance

Protect wild animals and plants, do not destroy habitats of wild animals and plants, do not buy or use products from rare wild animals and plants, refuse to eat rare wild animals and plants.

06Conserve natural resources and protect beautiful earth

Caring for ecosystem of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass, sand and ice, planting various trees, caring for flowers and herbs, adapting measures to local conditions and rational cultivation to protect thousands of rivers and mountains.

Legal class

Article 6 of Environmental Protection Law of People's Republic of ChinaAll units and persons are required to protect environment, and local governments at all levels are responsible for environmental protection. quality of their administrative districts. Businesses, public institutions and other manufacturers and operators must prevent and reduce pollution and environmental damage. Legal liability for damages. Citizens must raise their awareness of environmental protection, lead a low-carbon and lean lifestyle, and consciously fulfill their obligations to protect environment.

Paragraph 2 of Article 58 of Civil Procedure Law of People's Republic of China reads: rights of many consumers in area of ​​food and drug safety.The protection of social and public interests, such as rights and interests, may result in a claim in people's court if there is no body or organization prescribed by law, or an agency or organization prescribed by law does not file a claim. Prosecution can be supported.

Paragraph 4 of Article 25 of Administrative Dispute Law of People's Republic of China reads: "When People's Procuratorate finds that ecological environment and resource protection, food and drug safety, state property protection, state land B in case of illegal exercise or inaction of administrative bodies vested with powers of supervision and management in areas such as transfer of right of use, which entailed a violation of national interests or public public interests, they make prosecutorial submissions. to administrative organs and call them to fulfill their duties in accordance with law. The administrative organs do not fulfill their duties in accordance with law. If it is not responsible, then people's procuratorate will file a lawsuit with people's court in accordance with the law."

[World Earth Day] Protect the earth, let's act together!

The Fangshan District People's Procuratorate will make every effort

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Keep practicing concept of ecological civilization

Strengthening responsibility of prosecutors

The contribution of judiciary to environmental management

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Let's protect our home together!