Earth Day every day, everyone is an environmentalist, world shares responsibility

April 22 is 52nd Earth Day. Currently, a number of issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss and marine pollution require further public attention. The key word here is "everyone", we should have an Earth Day every day, everyone is an environmentalist and world shares responsibility.

Earth Day is to be treasured every day, all time. Protecting ground under our feet is our reliable support. There is only one earth, and to protect earth means to protect your home. On April 22, 1990, 200 million people from more than 140 countries of world held commemorative events in different places, and pace was very fast. Since then, April 22 has become a world-class environmental awareness day. United Nations data show that global marine plastic pollution has increased tenfold since 1980, affecting sea turtles, seabirds and marine mammals; in addition, about 1 million animal and plant species worldwide are threatened with extinction. Not so long ago, Japanese government decided to dump radioactive waste from Fukushima nuclear power plant into sea, which ignores safety of global marine environment and ecosystem. The Earth Crisis is not far off. Respect for earth and protection of earth must be realized in practical actions every day, every day is Earth Day, respect for all times, respect for earth can only be achieved by accumulating time.

Everyone is an environmentalist and all people should be in harmony with nature. To protect earth, everyone on earth knows that key is to start with me Everyone must be an environmentalist and everyone must be a person in harmony with nature and add greenery to earth with little effort in life. Turn off light without wasting energy resources; sustainable and low-carbon travel is environmentally friendly and healthy; save paper and make forest more lush; use less plastic bags to protect soil and atmosphere; sort garbage to make living environment cleaner; participate in planting trees, add some greenery to ground; buy energy-saving appliances, save more than on electricity bills; refuse to eat wild animals, protect biodiversity; recycle mobile phone, reduce electronic waste; turn off faucet, save water, etc. If everyone is good at doing small things and participating in big things of protecting environment, we can create a harmonious atmosphere between man and nature and protect our beautiful home on earth.

The world has a shared responsibility, and all countries must know how to coexist with earth. Climate change is an issue related to survival of all people. No one can be immune from it alone. Protecting Earth is shared responsibility and duty of entire world, and no one can shy away from it. About 5 lMore than 190 countries and regions jointly vowed to reach historic Paris Agreement a few years ago. As part of this agreement, more and more countries have committed to achieving goal of carbon neutrality by middle of this century. The climate summit of world leaders will be held in video format. At this time, leaders of China, Russia, United States, Canada, South Korea and other countries will be present to discuss issues such as environmental protection. We hope that all countries of world will take responsibility together, show strict self-discipline, jointly criticize and stop actions that threaten earth, and absolutely do not allow individual countries to destroy ecology of earth and endanger all of humanity because of their own selfishness.

Wealth is way of heaven and earth, and it is appropriate to complement heaven and earth. Protecting earth and living in harmony with nature is most important thing. Being kind to Mother Earth means protecting people themselves. From now on from me, from every country pace of environmental protection of earth is unstoppable, and must always be on way. (Yin Jianguang)